Posted on Jan 24, 2020

The Ralf Friedrichs Show

A love that transforms

One would have expected Jesus to search for disciples in the synagogues and temples, where the learned and those who were knowledgeable of the scriptures were. It would seem like the logical and more reasonable choice. Why would Jesus want to reach out to lowly fishermen? One might think. What do they know? How will they be better than the Pharisees? But Jesus had other things in mind. Through choosing the disciples that He chose to follow Him, Jesus demonstrated the transformative effect the love of God can have on a person. We saw it in the way the disciples went from being laymen to Spirit-filled, Scripture-knowing men of God.
When Jesus started out with the disciples they were a gangly bunch of young men who had their own sets of flaws and shortcomings. They often disagreed with one another and sometimes, they didn’t understand what Jesus was saying. They were a puzzling bunch to the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes. But the disciples possessed on thing that the learned scholars did not have. They believed in what Jesus had to say. They became eager to learn and they never relied on their own self-righteousness. The disciples committed to leaving their secular lives behind in order to follow the way of Jesus.
Jesus taught them. He corrected them. He encouraged them. He helped them grow in the knowledge of God. He was patient with them when they were ignorant. He wasn’t moved by their massive need to grow.
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